David StillMy book series “It’s Our Earth Too” looks at what is being done to our world through some different perspectives, such as ET’s pondering why we still predominantly use combustion, and teens wondering why we let corporations dictate our lives even though they don’t have souls.

Adam brought these ideas to life with some amazing cartoon illustrations, which should help those who see them understand these different views.

Adam is a very talented artist and a pleasure to work with.

David Still
It’s Our Earth Too


SamyoI have commissioned Adam on a number of occasions to create, caricatures, cartoons and illustrations for various manuals, power points and website presentations. He is also good for the occasional T-Shirt design and idea.

He so often blows me away with his creativity and occasional off the wall idea. Adam has always comes through, and often exceeds my expectations with his creativity and just plain olde skool talent, he is a fantastic artist and a generally all round good bloke to work with.

I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Samyo Dalgarno
The Zen Bull & M Field Therapy




Adam Cashmore-Brooke has been of great service to the Nanango Art Group “Nanart”. His cartoons and caricatures have been a wonderful boon for our advertising and gave it that taste of something different and just a little quirky.

His donation of a Caricature as a door prize helped us to raise much needed funds and all those involved including the family that won the prize got to enjoy his talents.

Adam is a pleasure to work, with and I am happy to be able to offer this testimonial.

Noeline Dalgarno